In case you're wondering (post 0)Jan 15th, 2012 is why I'm writing this blog.

Basically, I think education is really damn important. Not just for me, but society as a whole. I intend to illustrate this point through this blog's meandering life.

Right now I'm a few months away from becoming a father for the first time. This exciting time has been extraordinarily thought provoking for me. I began to reflect on my own life and decided that my lackluster high school career (I barely graduated) and absence of any continued formal education since then would not suffice. Although I am now 30 and have learned much and even have a good job I can be proud of, I still itch to expand my knowledge and range of experiences greatly. But this is not only for for myself, I can only believe my decision to return to school will be a great example for my child in the future.